fresh lime juice, no artificial sweeteners & 100% pure agave tequilas

La Co. Frozen    $8.00
try it classic or mix it up with strawberry, mango, tamarind or guava

The Flamingo    $8.00
our la co. frozen swirled with sangria

Pepe Gonzales    $10.00
frozen margarita with extra kick of tequila - gets you there mas rapido

La Co. Rocks    $8.00
freshly squeezed lime juice, natural sweetener & 100% agave tequila. HECHO

Cucumber Rocks    $9.00
freshly squeezed lime juice muddled with cucumber, natural sweetener & tequila

Top Shelf    $12.00
avion reposado, agave, cointreau & fresh lime juice

Jefe de Jefes    $14.00
casamigos reposado, agave, grand marnier, lime juice shaken on the rocks

Skinny    $9.00
a low calorie classic. fresh lime juice, tequila & agave

Pica Pica Rita    $8.00
our classic rocks rita infused with some habanero pepper. pica pica!

other drinks

Frozen Mojito    $8.00
fresh lime juice, bacardi rum, natural sweetener. original cubana classico, strawberry or mango

Rocks Mojito    $8.00
caribbean classic muddled to order: bacardi rum, mint & lime. classico, berry smash or watermelon

Mexican Martini    $10.00
sauza tequila rocks margarita served in shaker - old school austin martini style

Paloma    $8.00
tequila, grapefruit soda, triple sec, fresh lime juice & our simple syrup

Pedro    $7.00
tito’s vodka, grapefruit soda, double limes. low cal summer favorite

Island Girl    $8.00
aged rum, guava puree, fresh lime juice & orange bitters

Moscow Mule    $8.00
a vodka classic with stoli, ginger beer, lime & mint in a copper mug

Summer Time    $8.00
deep eddy ruby red vodka, grapefruit soda, double limes....and the living is easy

Agave Herb Cooler    $8.00
cucumber infused vodka, homemade sweet and sour & lavender bitters

Cosmo Mexicano    $8.00
1800 silver tequila, grand marnier, cranberry juice & homemade sweet and sour

Pisco Punch    $8.00
pisco, fresh lemon & pineapple juice, a dash of almond syrup

Sangria    $8.00 / $28.00
red wine, brandy, soda & fresh dried fruit. by the glass or carafe (approx. 4 glasses)


Hours of Operation
SU - WE » 11A to 10P
TH - SA » 11A to 12A

5100 Beltline Road, #796
Dallas, Tx 75254

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